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Get to know the reasons for joining Honeywell in the Czech Republic.

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Prague International centre

Why to work in Prague

We are Honeywell Prague. Our diverse employees create a uniquely multicultural environment that offers customer support in multiple languages.

Our employees cover a wide range of professions from administration, through purchasing, sales, company finances, customer support, to development and aviation engineers and specialists from the field of law, communication, or human resources.

  • An attractive location

  • International environment

  • Sports and cultural events

  • Intensive training and support for growth

  • A stable company

Brno Research and development center

Why to work in Brno

We are the cornerstone of the global engineering strategy of Honeywell, the hub in Brno is our largest Research and Development centre in Europe.

We have more than 900 innovative discoveries and more than 120 registered patents. We collaborate closely with Czech technical universities and other partners.

We believe changing the world begins with fostering a culture of inclusion, diversity, performance, and innovation. This is a place where you can truly grow.

  • Interdisciplinary projects

  • Research and development

  • Technological innovations

  • Modern technologies

  • Opportunity to travel abroad

Olomouc Production plant

Why to work in Olomouc

We offer a wide range of unique technologies and devices used in aircraft production. Every year we invest in new machines, and in doing so, we create a safe working environment that we enjoy working in.

We are among the leaders in the aviation industry. Come do top-notch industrial engineering with us!

  • The aviation industry

  • Sports and cultural events

  • Our own training facility

  • Intensive training and support for growth

  • Modern technologies

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