We are among the leaders in the aviation industry. Come do top-notch industrial engineering with us!

What we do

Since 1951, we at Honeywell Aerospace Olomouc, in Hlubočky - Mariánské Údolí, have been designing, producing, and repairing aircraft engine parts that transport millions of people around the world on a daily basis. In terms of industrial production, we are at the top of the aviation industry. Our products are used by leading manufacturers of transport, freight, and military aircraft.

We offer a wide range of unique technologies and devices used in aircraft production. Every year we invest in new machines, and in doing so, we create a safe working environment that we enjoy working in. But it most certainly isn’t just about the technologies and materials because it is us, the employees, who make our products perfect. And it’s not all just work; we also like having fun together during various activities after work. Be it those that we arrange ourselves, or during events that are organized by the company.

  • 38,000 m2
  • 85 certificates for special processes
  • 150 technologists for products and processes
  • 25 new products per year
  • More than 1,000 machines and devices


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  • The aviation industry

  • Sports and cultural events

  • Our own training facility

  • Intensive training and support for growth

  • Modern technologies

For students and graduates

Are you interested in aviation and modern technologies? Students, come and join us right now!

Our goal is to reach out to students specifically from technical fields and to present Honeywell Aerospace Olomouc as an attractive employer that has a lot to offer to young people during their studies.

To talented students, we offer the opportunity to deepen their knowledge from their given field or directly gain practical experience by way of professional practice, internships, or trainee programs.

We also regularly meet students during Open Days, production excursions, and job fairs.

We collaborate with universities, high schools, and elementary schools on the preparation of students

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