Job fairs and other events

We actively take part in various student events which are mainly for students of technical universities. You may see us at fairs, student competitions, and conferences. We organize hackathons, professional workshops, and lectures for students.

You may regularly meet us at:

  • the Association of Industrial Partners (MU FI)
  • JobChallenge
  • The EBEC competition (organized by BEST)
  • The Day of Companies of FSI VUT
  • iKariéra VUT
  • The Excel@FIT conference (FIT VUT)
  • The EEICT conference (FEKT VUT)


Excursions and Open Days

Every year we organize Open Days, during which you can peek inside our facilities. They are intended for all those interested in the development of the newest technologies in electrical engineering, aviation, or the car industry. You can fly around in a flight simulator, walk through the test laboratories or check out the testing of part prototypes thanks to a 3D printer. As part of the Open Day, you can visit the networking section and chat with our engineers from individual divisions, for example about technologies or projects that we’re working on.

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