Cooperation with schools

The Honeywell production plant in Brno actively collaborates with schools and helps students in their preparation for the start of their career.

Our collaboration has the form of long-term and short-term internships, excursions, presentations at schools, and participation in student competitions and others.


We have long-term collaboration agreements with these schools:

  • Střední škola elektrotechnická a energetická, Sokolnice, Brno – Vídeňská
  • Střední průmyslová škola, Brno – Purkyňova
  • SOU tradičních řemesel a VOŠ, Brno – Střední
  • Střední škola polytechnická, Brno – Jílová

VUT Brno

Faculty of industrial engineering and Faculty of electro-technical engineering and communication technologies

We offer internships to students during their studies. To graduates, we offer junior job opportunities with the possibility of growth. We also regularly take part in student work fairs.


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