Cooperation with schools

In collaboration with universities from all around the world, each year we prepare a programme called “Honeywell Initiative for Science & Engineering”. The main goal of this programme is to motivate university students to choose a professional application in science. Related to this is a series of lectures on the importance of practical engineering and its effects on research and development, the development of new products and creating of values; these are given by employees of the research department at Honeywell and Nobel prize holders.

We also collaborate and support high schools and their student projects.

Partner schools:

VUT Brno


Masaryk University


Mendel University



Teaching at Universities

We closely collaborate on university education, primarily with universities in Brno (VUT and Masaryk University), but also with universities in Slovakia (Žilina, Košice). Our engineers give lectures on subjects from the fields of aviation systems; automated testing and verification tools; loT fields, technical mechanics; thermo-mechanics, automotive and transport engineering.

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