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Systems Engineer III

ECS Systems Engineering at Honeywell Aerospace Yeovil is the branch of engineering concerned with the design and development of potentially large and complex aircraft bleed air management systems, where a ‘system’ is understood to be an integration of subsystems or components working together toward a common objective. Core technologies include turbo-machinery, electro-mechanical valves, heat exchangers and associated electronic controls.

Location: Brno – Výzkumné a vývojové centrum
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Systems Engineering concentrates on the precise specification of system structure and behavior's in order to satisfy customer requirements. The role of the Systems Engineer encompasses the complete product design and development life cycle including, system concept development, design, build, qualification, certification and in-service support. In addition to being a key customer contact, the Systems Engineer may be required to lead global Honeywell resources and external suppliers to define and align product designs with customer’s system requirements.


Determining and deriving the technical requirements from the customer
Ensuring the compliance of the system and its products to the customer requirement documentation
Air systems design, support to air systems modelling and performance testing
Defining the system level requirements includes requirements allocation to electronic controls and component level requirements
Work both independently and within a cross-functional team environment


Bachelors degree in Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Systems Engineering
Experience in the capturing and definition and subsequent detailing of requirements
Interpretation of air system test results and problem solving skills


Abilities to plan and control projects
Understanding of Financial control fundamentals
Technical leadership
Requirements management
Experience of environmental testing
Diverse and global teaming and collaboration
Ability to adapt dictated by project changes
Ability to write QTP's and QTR's
Knowledge of thermodynamic and fluid dynamic theory and practice


Some Travel Required
Continued Professional Development


Honeywell, spol. s r.o.
Steven Farrugia