Making our world safer and more secure, more comfortable and energy efficient, and more innovative and productive.


Currently, there are about 700 employees from all the countries of the world working in Prague, creating unique multicultural conditions, thanks to which we are able to offer support for customers in many world languages.

Our employees represent a wide scale of professions, from administration, purchase, selling, business finances, and customer support to development and aircraft engineers and experts in the field of law, communication and human resources.

Key areas of the agenda of the Prague office:

  • Research And Development – they were established by founding the Honeywell Prague Laboratory in 1993. This laboratory became the first ever Research and Development centre of the Honeywell Company outside the area of the USA. It traditionally connects the development of advanced management, optimisation, data modelling, analysis, computer visualisation and technologies of cybernetic security with various elements of the company, including industrial sectors, residential, functional and commercial buildings and aircraft division, especially in the area of navigation systems and electronic hi-tech solutions that are applied in various types of aircraft from commercial to military, and platforms for space research.
  • Finances – our team of experts covers the financial process across Europe and part of Asia within the framework of which it supports accounting, controlling, financial analysis and credit risk management. For this reason our teams must also have knowledge in the field of European and American accounting standards.
  • Integrated Supply Chain – is a united organization which connects our customers´ requirements with the plan of deliveries throughout the whole supply chain. Our teams manage the whole group of suppliers in order to fulfil obligations in the area of supplies relating to services, quality and costs towards our customers. The teams within this organization cooperate in the field of logistics, purchase, tactical planning and quality, and they transform industry complexity into simplified solutions.
  • Business Development – our teams from the areas of purchase and development of business opportunities represent strategic business features with regional responsibility for the relationship with customers, identification and cultivation of business opportunities, growth, revenue, gross margin and performance.
  • Department of Customer Support – within Honeywell, this holds a vitally important position in the area of our customers´ satisfaction;  its mission lies in the delivery of services in the best possible quality. Our customer services processing centre, service engineers and experts in the area of project management support the strategic divisions of Aircraft and Automatization and management.
  • Strategic Corporate Functions – help us with the smooth functioning of Honeywell regarding human resources, communication, purchase, law and real estate within the framework of the whole EMEAI region.

All strategic divisions use as an instrument The Honeywell Operating System (HOS), which is the operation system  that was released in 2004 in order to increase the processing performance of our production and business centres. It is an integrated system which is based on the principles of Six Sigma that support sustainable development in the areas of security, quality, supplies, costs and physical resource inventory, so that they are as efficient as possible, and ensure the 20-year competitive advantage of the Honeywell Company on the market. HOS is focused on work standardization, fast problem solving, continual improvement and knowledge sharing within the company.