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Honeywell Technology Solutions


The Development Centre in Brno was founded in January 2003 and is part of a global community of development centres – Honeywell Technology Solutions (HTS). It is the largest research and innovation centre in Central Europe, which is continually growing. Top experts support their partners and customers in product development and complex solutions in the following areas:

  • Aircraft Technologies – simulation, development, research, and testing of electronic and electromechanical systems for civil aircraft, which means the systems of flight management, displays and navigation systems.
  • Automatization and Driving – the development and testing of products and driving systems for use either in households or industry.
  • Transportation Systems – technical development, testing and application of turbochargers for either private cars or trucks. One of the most modern laboratories for turbochargers testing was opened in Brno in 2008.
  • Enterprise IT Hub Brno – implementation of SAP, support and consultancy, the area of IT applications development, cybernetic security and support of global Honeywell IT services.
  • Advanced Technologies – research and development of technologies, which is part of all-European projects concerning many key areas of the aircraft industry, which are e. g. flight management, navigation, communication and aviation systems.

New laboratories

In 2015 three new laboratories became operational. Two of them are focused on the research of electromagnetic radiation. In one chamber research is carried out on how a signal from a device is spreading, and whether it is spreading strongly enough and in the right direction. The second chamber is fitted with instruments that enable testing of radiation disturbances because of which aircraft passengers are not currently allowed to make phone calls. The third laboratory is equipped with the Tower Fall tester, where it is observed how security hooks and brakes that are developed for falls from height act.


Environmental and Combustion Control


Since 2001 the production facility in Brno has provided top products in the areas of combustion (driving valves for gas boilers for non-sanitary water warming and heating), electronic (driving units  of either gas and oil boilers, displaying devices, thermostats and driving units of new technologies for alternative energy sources – fuel cells and heat pumps), thermoregulation (thermostatic heads and valves for heating) and systems with drinking water (armatures and valves). It employs qualified personnel, who share a high rate of expertise and responsibility for quality, and it also looks after their safety and protection at work. The facility is on the path of continual improvement and building of Honeywell Operations System, which is based on the principles of lean manufacturing.


The production facility in Brno is split into three production divisions with its focus on:

  • Thermoregulation – mechanical assembly and calibration (semi-automatic and manual process).
  • Mechanic production – automatic and semi-automatic mechanical assembly, calibration and testing.
  • Electronic production – automatic placing with the help of SMT/Axial and Radial, manual placing and welding of electronic components, testing.

All three production divisions are supported either by trained operators or personnel from the engineering department, quality, purchase, planning, logistics, human resources, OSHI [Occupational Safety and Health Issues] and finance.


Honeywell Security Group Products – ADI Global Distribution


Honeywell Security Group Products are, under the brand of ADI Global Distribution, one of the leading companies in the field of security and light current units (security technologies preventing robberies, systems of external lightning protection of an object, camera systems, access control systems, fire detection systems, stable extinguishing systems, escaping gas sensor systems, and software integrating all the above mentioned technologies). It operates 32 branches in 11 countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa. In the Brno Centre and in the Prague and Ostrava branches, experts work especially in the field of purchase and technical support.



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